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The crisis caused by the current COVID-19 pandemic has impacted seemingly every facet of the college process, not the least of which has been the ability of high school students to research and evaluate colleges as potential fits.  Under “normal” circumstances, the most effective way for students and their families to assess colleges is to physically visit their campuses; this has obviously become impossible, not just for the time being but possibly for the foreseeable future.

However, college and university admissions offices have quickly adapted to this current reality by offering a variety of options to students looking to research their schools: virtual tours and information sessions, appointments to chat with admissions officers, opportunities to catch up with current students or recent alumni, and many others.

The schools represented by the three admissions professionals (Rob Springall from Muhlenberg College, Maddie Thomas from Northeastern University, and John Yi from Yale University) on our April 29 webinar are great examples of this development.  We encourage students to visit their websites to get a taste of how college admissions teams are adapting and offering new research and information tools:


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