6th Form · Applications


With only a couple of weeks of summer break remaining, it’s time for our rising seniors to finalize each item on their Summer Checklist.  It is crucial that everyone arrives back at school having completed their summer “homework”, so that the fall can be as positive and productive as possible.  Some of these bear noting here:

  • Thoroughly completing the Student Questionnaire on your Naviance Student account–a key resource for your counselors as they begin to write their recommendation letters
  • Completing the “data entry” portions of your Common Application
  • Developing a rough draft of two separate Common App essay prompts (part of your summer English assignment) AND your responses to any supplementary questions (which can be found on the Common App if they are a Common App school, or on their own platform if they do not use the Common App)
  • Registering for any upcoming standardized test you plan to take (Kent provides transportation to students signed up for the September ACT at New Milford High School; the October SAT takes place here at school)
  • For international students, taking the TOEFL before you return to campus (if you have not taken it since the spring of 2017)
  • Developing your art or music portfolio (for those who plan to use a portfolio as part of their applications)


5th Form Summer Checklist 2019


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