6th Form


To your college counselors, it doesn’t seem all that long ago that we were seniors headed into our final term of high school (though we each graduated years before any of our current seniors were even born).  Though it was quite a long time ago, we each remember feeling like our college acceptances had taken the pressure off and that we could take our foot off the gas a bit.  Many of our friends felt the same way, and unfortunately, some of them took their feet completely off of the gas.  Each of us had friends that regretted that decision, as the colleges at which they had enrolled revoked their offers of admission–one for academic reasons, and one for disciplinary reasons.

We can each relay some similarly tragic stories from our many years as educators.  As college admissions become more and more competitive each year, colleges are showing less patience for drops in grades or for disciplinary matters, which is why many of them are more willing to revoke offers of admission and go to their waitlists.

So our blunt way of relaying our message is this–Don’t be stupid.  Continue to seize the opportunity to learn in class and prepare yourselves for success next year–you’ll have plenty of time to relax over the summer.  And make good, healthy choices in your final few weeks here–don’t allow yourself (or your friends) to make decisions that ultimately you may regret for the rest of your life.  Make your final two months here a healthy, positive celebration of all you’ve accomplished here.

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