6th Form


With almost all admission decisions rendered, it’s time for our seniors to start to decide what college or university they will attend next year. For some, the decision is easy to make or was made for them when they were admitted through a binding Early Decision process. For others, the decision may be more complicated or is too CVFdifficult to make at this point. Those students should consider attending an admitted student program(s) at the college(s) to which they were admitted. These are on-campus events–just like the Revisit Day Kent hosted yesterday–designed specifically to show admitted students what it would be like to be a student at that institution and to convince them to enroll. Discuss with your counselor the schools you might want to visit to help make your final decision. Please remember that you must submit to the Dean’s Office a completed blue College Visit Form (which are in the folder hanging from the cubicle wall next to Mrs. Irwin’s desk) at least 48 hours prior to any visit. Parent permission is required like any other trip away from campus.

For some tips about having an effective visit during an admitted student program, check out the article below.

“One of the best ways to decide where to attend college after you receive your acceptance letters is to visit or revisit the campuses of your top choices. Here are tips to make the most of the visit.”

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