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The consideration of whether a college campus is LGBTQ-“friendly” or not is a valid concern for many of our students regardless to whether one identifies as LGBTQ, an ally, or neither. It isn’t always easy to determine how comfortable a student concerned with issues of gender and sexuality would feel on certain college campuses, but Campus Pride is one organization that strives to create safer and more inclusive college and university campuses. Among the resources Campus Pride has are a series of college fairs and an index to assess benchmarks for creating safer and more inclusive environments on campus. The Human Rights Campaign has also created a resource for applying to college as an LGBTQ student and an LGBTQ scholarship database. But for many institutions, simply visiting their individual websites will also yield a lot of information about what the culture of a campus is like. If you would like help researching institutions based on their policies and cultures of inclusivity, please reach out to your college counselor.

“Learn more about the resources available to LGBTQ students to help navigate a path to higher education.”

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