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The Studies Office recently notified juniors that they can now sign up for their senior year classes. It isn’t necessary to sign up today, but classes will fill up at some point when younger grades are allowed to sign up, so it’s good for our juniors to start looking ahead. We highly recommend consulting with your college counselor when determining which courses to take next year.

When applying to colleges, admissions offices will be very interested in the difficulty of an applicant’s course schedule in high school. At Kent, we stress how important it is that students create a personally appropriate program for themselves. Taking the highest level courses but performing poorly in them or taking courses that are too easy for the student (and showing s/he should have been in a higher level class) can be detrimental to that student’s application. As you know, Kent offers Advanced Placement (AP) courses, which are college-level courses with end-of-the-year standardized exams. These are highly popular courses for our older students and academic departments have guidelines in place that students must meet in order to be admitted into an AP class. Taking an AP class, doing well in that class, and/or earning a strong AP score can help show colleges that a student is prepared for the rigors of higher education. Learn more about AP courses, earning college course credit, and sending AP exam scores:

“See how AP courses can help you achieve your college and university goals. . .”

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