5th Form


This Saturday (December 9th) is the mandatory diagnostic practice test designed to help our 5th form students identify if the SAT or ACT is a better fit for them. It is a free testing experience for all Kent 5th form students, and it will be invaluable for starting individualized standardized testing plans. (Attendance will be taken; all 5th form students are required to participate.)

We ask that you take this practice test very seriously and try your best on both halves of the exam. It is both a good practice experience to prepare you for future SAT or ACT tests and it is priceless information for your counselor to help assess which test you should take moving forward.

What you need to know:


* Check-in is from 7:35-7:45am, this Saturday, December 9th.
* Don’t be late; being late will affect the results of your test.


* Last names beginning with letters A-Leung: North Court.
* Last names beginning with letters Li-Z: Gowan Court.
* If you receive extra time for standardized testing, please go to Dickinson Auditorium.


* Identification Card
* Two No. 2 Pencils
* Calculator (TI-89 calculators are prohibited.)
* Either a phone, tablet, or computer. (These electronic devises will not be used during the test, but are required in order to report your answers after the test for immediate score results. You may not leave the center until you have self-reported your answers in order to get your score results.)


* Casual, clean, and appropriate.


* The Dining Hall will open at 7:00am to serve breakfast.

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