6th Form


The University of California (UC) system offers nine campuses that have been of great interest to Kent students over the years. There is a UCunique UC admissions application along with an unusual application deadline (November 30th). Please note that our fall term exams start on November 16th, and they run right into Thanksgiving break. This means you won’t have classes from November 16th-27th. Why does that matter? You need to start working on the UC Application now! Schedule a couple appointments to meet with your college counselor between now and exams, and then make another appointment between the 28th-30th to submit (if you aren’t doing it earlier or over break with your family).

Quirky things to know about the UC Application:
  • They don’t have a big essay like the Common App. Instead they offer a choice of responding to four of eight Personal Insight Questions. Your responses are a maximum of 350 words and supposed to get directly to the point. They aren’t meant to be fluff pieces; think content over style.
  • You will be required to self-report all your grades from high school. See your counselor for a copy of your transcript(s) and help in doing this. (Unfortunately the application system wasn’t designed for our grading scale.)
  • If you are applying to more than one UC campus, you only need to send your official test scores to one campus. All campuses share test scores but they don’t share application materials (so you will need to apply to each one separately through the UC Application.)

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