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Through our association with Kaplan Test Prep, we are happy to announce three test prep options available to students at Kent.

  1. Live and interactive online tutoring: A popular option for standardized test prep is a live and interactive online class. Through Kaplan, you can sign up for either an ACT or SAT class to get instruction anywhere in the world as long as you have an internet connection. These courses are taught in real time and are not simply video recordings. For a demo of how this online tutoring format works, check out a quick view of an ACT class or SAT class.
  2. Diagnostic ACT/SAT Combo Test: This mandatory practice test administered the morning of Saturday, December 9th, is a free testing experience for Kent 5th form students. The goal of the practice test is to help students identify which standardized test is a better fit for them. (If you are already registered for the ACT that day, please see your counselor.)
  3. Spring ACT & SAT Prep Courses at Kent: On Sundays throughout April and May, Kent students can take an 8-session course on campus that is designed to prepare them either for the SAT or ACT. Financial aid is available for those who qualify. Click on the flyers for details.

2018 ACT Prep   2018 SAT Prep

If you would like more information about any of these offerings or about financial aid, please contact Kent’s Kaplan Representative Erin McLean at 774-314-1895 or erin.mclean@kaplan.com.

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