6th Form


The ARC (Academic Resource Center) offers a variety of ARC2017services including:

  • guiding students to develop effective reading and note-taking skills, study strategies for homework and tests, and improved time management.
  • supporting students in setting their academic goals, and helping them build the self-discipline to achieve those goals through specific action plans.
  • providing assistance with writing of all sorts, including expository essays, research papers, and creative writing.
  • offering feedback throughout the writing process, from brainstorming and outlining to drafting and revising.

As you get deeper and deeper into writing your college essays and supplements, consider the third and fourth bullets above. In addition to the work on your essay you will do in your English class and with your college counselor, know that the ARC can help complement work you’ve done with those two resources. If you would like to use the ARC for college essay or supplemental essay writing support, please keep in mind that:

  • For appointments during your free period:
  • For appointments during study hall:
    • Please schedule one in advance by signing up on the paper sign-up sheet outside of Mrs. Booth’s office.
    • Please note that these appointments are twenty minutes long.
    • Also note that space is limited as there are only six time slots available per night during study hall, Sunday through Friday.

Also check out the Study Hall Help page on the portal for each academic department’s study hall schedule. Please contact Mrs. Booth with any questions.


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