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There are many colleges and universities that offer tailored day and overnight visit programs to their campuses. These programs target under-represented or diverse students and are great opportunities to experience schools that students want to attend before submitting college applications. Many of these programs are free or cover the cost of travel, but, to attend, you must be admitted through an application process for the visit program. College Greenlight, a free resource that helps traditionally under-represented students get into and succeed while in college, has compiled a list of all (about 90) fly-in programs throughout the country that they have found. Please note that these programs are for seniors and will generally occur in the fall. Please also note that application deadlines for these programs vary greatly from June 1st to late summer/early fall. Check out the College Greenlight list below:

“One of the most important factors is in deciding if a college is right for you is whether or not you can picture yourself as a member of campus. For many students this means…”

To learn more about “fly-in” or multicultural programs, read this article from U.S. News & World Report:
“Some private schools pay for prospective students to tour and stay on campus.”

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