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This Sunday (April 23rd), from 4:00-5:30 pm, Kent will host our annual College Fair with 80+ (and counting) colleges and universities setting up information tables in Nadal Hockey Rink. Admissions reps from these institutions are ready to speak with anyone who comes to their tables, regardless to whether you are a 3rd former or PG or if you know a lot or nothing about their schools. Remember: they are trying to impress you with what their schools offer, but you should also try to make a good impression on them.


  • HAVE AN OPEN MIND. Don’t rely on your perception of a college’s reputation to judge whether you should go to that school’s table. We recommend going to as many tables as possible to create a strong base of knowledge about a variety of schools.
  • BE INDEPENDENT. Don’t walk around in a herd with your friends, treating the fair as social hour. Admissions reps notice the difference between students who take advantage of a fair and those who don’t. Don’t miss a chance to impress them!
  • ACTIVELY DEMONSTRATE THAT YOU ARE INTERESTED IN THE SCHOOLS YOU LIKE. Introduce yourself to each admissions rep and have a conversation with them. Make a good impression because these reps are likely the people who will visit campus again in the fall and, if you apply, read your applications.
  • GET AS MUCH INFO AS POSSIBLE. Ask questions, fill out information cards, and take brochures home with you to read later. You are there to get as much information as possible in a short amount of time.

Unsure of what your main goal at the college fair should be?

Consider this:

  • 3rd and 4th formers can discover what colleges offer. There’s no pressure; it’s simply a good opportunity to get info from the schools themselves.
  • 5th formers can continue to learn about different colleges and add schools of interest to their lists on Naviance/Family Connection.
  • 6th formers and PG’s can speak with admissions reps to help make their decisions about where to attend.

If you have any questions about how best to utilize the fair, please contact your college counselor.

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