5th Form · Parents


Thank you to all the families that attended last weekend’s 5th Form Parents’ College Workshop! It was great to meet you all, and we hope the program was demystifying and illuminating. Also, a very big thanks to our four admissions representatives, who traveled from all over the country, to run the program! (Thank you, Grace, Nate, Bill, and Sally!)

Archived Recording of Last Year’s Workshop

Hours before the opening session, we were notified by Bleachers Inc. that they had gone out of business and would not be recording this year’s workshop as contracted. With insufficient time to get proper equipment to record the program on our own, we were unable to record this year’s workshop. However, Bleachers’ website is still functional and the archived recording of last year’s workshop is still available for viewing. If you missed this year’s workshop or want to see how last year’s workshop went, follow the instructions below to view the recording:

Setting up a “Bleachers” account:
If you have not done so already, register with Bleachers Inc. to set up your unique password. You may do this through one of two methods:

1) On your computer at www.gobleachers.com/Kent
2) On your mobile device at https://gobleachers.com/tour

Once you complete the registration process, view online at www.gobleachers.com. If using a mobile device, you must install the free Bleachers Mobile App for iPhone and iPad here or Android here before you can view. (Please note, you cannot register for this service from within the Bleachers Mobile App, you must first complete the process through your browser.)

Once signed in, type “college” into the search box at the top of the screen. Last year’s PCW will be the only recording listed.

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