6th Form · Applications


We hope you are all enjoying your break so far. For those who have had your applications deferred from an early round (EA or ED) to the regular pool, here are the actions you should take:

  1. A few schools now offer the opportunity to complete and submit a form in which you can indicate that you still want to be considered in the regular round.  If a school has this option, they would indicate it in their communication with you.  If they do, you should complete and submit it.
  2. Regardless of whether or not a school has a form (most do not), you should always send an email to the school’s admissions office indicating your wish to be considered in the regular round.  (If you have a relationship with an admissions officer, address and send it directly to him/her; if you don’t, then just address and send it to the admissions office.)  The message should include the following:
    • A statement that, while you were disappointed to be deferred, you understand how competitive the applicant pool is at ________
    • A clear statement that you wish to be considered again in the regular decision round (and if the school is your clear #1 choice and you intend to enroll if offered admission, you should make that clear as well–but don’t write that if you don’t mean it)
    • An indication that you will send in any pertinent updates as they develop

As always, please continue to notify your counselor of all decisions you receive, and BE SURE YOUR NAVIANCE LIST IS CORRECT.  Enjoy a safe and restful break!

Need to regroup after not getting into an early admission school? Check out this article from US News & World Report:
Following early admission rejection, broaden your college search beyond your top choice school.

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