6th Form


Some important notes about sending standardized test scores to colleges in advance of application deadlines:

  • Students are responsible for sending their official test scores (ACT, SAT, SAT Subject Tests, and TOEFL) to colleges for their college admission applications. Counselors do not have access to do this, but we are happy to sit with you to show you what to do.
  • It can take 10-14 days after a score report is ordered for it to actually get to a college. For the November 1st deadline, scores should be sent by students by October 21st, if not earlier, to make sure they are delivered on timeWhy not send them now?!
  • It costs money to send your scores (unless you qualify for a fee waiver). Make sure you have a credit card available to pay for your score reports.
  • Know that some schools are test-optional. “Test-optional” means that the school is not requiring standardized test scores in the application review process, but will consider them if they are submitted. A great resource to understand which schools are test-optional is FairTest: The National Center for Fair and Open Testing.
  • The decision of whether or not to send test scores to a test-optional school should be made in consultation with your college counselor. Depending on the circumstance, it may or may not be advisable to send your standardized test scores.
  • Some colleges super-score the ACT and/or the SAT. “Super-scoring” is the admissions office practice of considering the best section scores of the ACT or SAT regardless of test date. This means you can take either exam multiple times and these institutions will consider your all time best sections scores in one overall super-score. Consult your college counselor about which schools super-score and what scores you should send to create a super-score. (Note that colleges will not super-score sections of the old SAT with the new SAT.)
  • I repeat: if you have a November 1st application deadline, send your scores now!

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