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The Coalition for Access, Affordability, and CoalitionSuccess is a new collective of US colleges and universities that has formed to create a new college admissions application portal–similar to the Common Application–known as the Coalition Application.

In this three-part post about the Coalition and Coalition App, we will reveal:

Should you use the Coalition Application?

As mentioned in Part I of this three-part post, the Coalition Application was designed for students who lack the resources to complete a college application or be competitive in the process. Kent students do not lack the resources of college counselors, families, teachers, and advisors to advise and walk them through the college process or the technologies to search for colleges and complete college applications themselves. Many students who do not have these resources and help from community members will choose not to go through the application process because they are overwhelmed with all that needs to be done. These are the students who stand to benefit most from the Coalition App.

Considering the basic premises of the Coalition App, Kent students should not consider it is necessary to use the Coalition App over another application service. (Please note there are currently only three institutions whose only acceptable application platform is the Coalition App: University of Florida, University of Maryland, College Park, and University of Washington, Seattle. These universities previously only used an internal application–not even the Common App–so they have simply moved from only allowing a single application platform to allowing a different single application platform.) Most Coalition schools will allow applicants to submit either the Coalition App or the Common App, and many accept even other application types. Additionally, there are many Coalition member schools who aren’t even using the Coalition App this year.

Overall, the Coalition Application is a new platform without a proven track record. Many Coalition members are waiting to see how the application functions and how helpful it truly will be in providing more access and affordability to applicants with fewer resources. Our office can identify some reasons why a Kent student might want to take advantage of using the Coalition App over another application platform, but we strongly recommend that such decisions are discussed between the student and counselor. Our office will monitor and assess how this new application platform might benefit Kent students in the future and will communicate regularly with our families.

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