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On both the ACT and the “new” SAT, test takers have the option of completing the writing section of the exam. While ACT, Inc. and the College Board are the ones offering this option, is it truly optional? Although it technically is, we would strongly encourage you to take it. Kent is a school with a writing-intensive curriculum, and our students should be fully prepared to complete these writing assessments. Colleges may also publicly say that the writing section isn’t required — sometimes saying it is “recommended” or “strongly recommended” — but that roughly translates to “you should take it anyway because we expect you to.” Admissions officers may not take points off your application for opting out, but do you want them to question why you didn’t take it? Do you want them thinking you chose not to impress them or, worse yet, couldn’t impress them?

“It can help you stand out from other applicants.”

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