5th Form · Parents



Being a recruited athlete comes with a lot of pressure and responsibility. As a junior, you may or may not have had contact with any coaches yet but, if you are interested in playing varsity sports in college, you should begin the process NOW.

Over March break, you should:

  • Register with the National Collegiate Athletic Association Eligibility Center if you want to be eligible to play a Division I or II varsity sport. (If you are unsure if you will play in Division I, II, or III, register anyway.)
  • Fill out college team recruiting forms/questionnaires. Each team/sport will have an online form on their team website.
  • Once you’ve filled out a recruiting form/questionnaire, start contacting college coaches (either by email or phone). And let me be specific: you should reach out to coaches, not your parents.
  • Start working with your Kent coach(es) to develop highlight videos to share with college coaches (for applicable sports).


For more information and tips about the college athletics recruiting process, check out “Get in the Game,” the National Association for College Admission Counseling’s publication for student-athletes and their families.

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