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Here at College Navigator, we want to make sure you are looking ahead at the academic credentials you will submit with your college applications, and how they will look to college admissions officers. Keep these three things in mind:

G: grades. Your performance in your classes at Kent will be a strong indicator of your potential success in a college classroom. Obviously stronger grades show stronger potential, so always work toward earning higher grades.

P: program. Don’t forget that your program (or course schedule) is also important. By challenging yourself with higher-level courses, the grades in those courses have more value to an admissions committee. If you show you can earn strong grades in high level courses, it is a good indication that you can earn strong grades in college level work.

S: scores. Standardized test scores, although not required at all schools, show an admissions committee your academic potential in a college setting. There are arguments about how accurate and valuable standardized testing is, but we certainly want to be as prepared as possible for your applications by achieving your highest potential scores. To do so, know test registration deadlines and test dates, and invest time in test prep.

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